Pricing for all custom adult ties, bow ties, lightweight scarves, and pocket squares.

Number of items      

1-4                                        $45 each
5-9                                       $41 each
10-24                                   $38 each
25-49                                  $30 each
50-99                                  $25 each
100 - 249                            $21 each
250-499                             $18 each
500 or more                       $16 each 

There is a standard one-time $20 design fee per custom order. Designers will advise of any potential fee increases if the design request requires it, although this happens rarely.

Specialty tie lengths

Extra long (62")                   + $5 per tie
Extra-extra long (66")         + $15 per tie 

Pocket squares

1 - 49                                    $15 each  
50 or more                          $10 each 

Custom yard of fabric

Approx. 55" x 36"                $30 per yard

Customizable tags

Custom woven labels are available for orders of 100+ ties and custom printed labels are available on all bow ties and lightweight scarves.

No Deposit to Start Designing

Pay nothing to start working with our design team to create proofs of patterns you'll love in your unique branded colors. Submit your ideas today and see your designs in only 1-2 business days!

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