Style Quiz & Pattern Gallery

We've organized our patterns by theme and by pattern type. Our style quiz asks you to pick styles that describe your wedding theme or the design you are going for. For example, you could select vintage, rustic, formal, modern, boho or any other style, and we'll recommend patterns based upon that style selection. Get your pattern recommendations by starting your wedding design today!

If you'd rather browse patterns by type instead of style, we also have 200+ patterns organized by type: dots, geometrics, paisleys, plaids, stripes, florals and other patterns that look great on ties and bow ties. You can browse our top patterns for weddings and see them in your colors by starting your design.

Wedding Design Guide

To get all the information, tips and specs you'll need to work with us on your design, we recommend our Wedding Design Guide as a good starting point. The guide is chock full of design ideas and our top patterns for many popular categories.

Wedding Design Gallery

Our Wedding Design Gallery is filled with inspiration for creating a one-of-a-kind and cohesive set of ties, bow ties, and pocket squares. See how we can create highly personalized and matching looks that are perfect accessories and gifts for just the groom, or all the groomsmen.

Wedding Client Design Stories

Check out actual customer design stories featuring commentary on the customers' design vision and how the finished look came together for the big day!

An English Countryside Wedding

Bermuda Bowties and Bliss

A Breathtaking Bahamian Wedding

More Wedding Information

Starting a Custom Design for Weddings

Products and Pricing for Weddings

Color Matching for Weddings

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