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Changing or Cancelling Orders
Changing or Cancelling Orders
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Regarding the coronavirus:

Please note that it is our policy to not provide full refunds or accept returns on orders that do not meet their delivery timeline. Refer to the sections below for more details on our Order Change & Cancellation policies.

Cancelling Orders

We start processing all orders shortly after payment has been made and cannot cancel or issue refunds for orders once they have started production. If your products have not started production, we will be able to cancel the order and refund your payment or make your requested changes. Contact us as soon as possible if you would like to cancel or change your order.

Delivery Delays

Orders made on our standard 30 day (plus shipping time) timeline do not come with a guaranteed delivery date and as such we cannot assure delivery by a specific date. Orders made on one of expedited turnaround options come with a guaranteed delivery date. Knotty Tie Co. does not issue full refunds or accept returns on orders delivered after their delivery date. We may provide a partial refund covering some or all of the shipping and expedite fee on a case-by-case basis.

In light of the coronavirus, please be aware that some orders may be delivered after their timeline due to unforeseen manufacturing or shipping delays. Our customer service team will do their best to proactively reach out to inform you of adjusted delivery dates.

Adding to an Order

Any add-ons will be processed as a separate order. Provide your initial order number and let us know which designs, products and sizes you would like to add and your designer will send a link to complete purchase of your add-on. Add-ons typically ship separately from initial orders unless placed within very close sequence.

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